Sunday, February 9, 2014

Picture Perfect Narrative Writing

Our new reading series at school uses a lot of photo cards.  We use them to introduce our new vocabulary words and to retell our stories.  The students absolutely love looking at real pictures.  After learning about a fabulous site where you can purchase photographs to use, I knew that I wanted to come up with a writing unit where students could tell and write about real pictures.
This past week, we wrote about one of our pictures from the packet.  I displayed this picture with my projector.
We had a discussion about the picture and the students brainstormed what they think may be happening.  Being able to orally tell a story is SO important!  The students were very observant in noticing that the snowman was bigger than her, so she probably had some help.
Next, we began filling in our graphic organizer to tell about our story.
The next day, we looked at our story again and began our writing.
When the students were finished with their writing, they used an editing checklist to edit their own papers, then switched with a classmate to edit each others papers.
They really enjoyed writing to a "real" picture and I'm excited to use the other pictures in the packet.
This particular unit includes 30 photo picture prompts to use for narrative writing.
You will find the following items for each picture prompt:
A plain large picture and a picture with the 5 W questions for discussion.  These can be printed, if you have a good quality color printer, sent to Walmart or another Photo Lab to print, or just displayed on your computer. 
Each picture prompt includes a matching graphic organizer and writing paper {regular lines & primary paper.}  I printed mine on the copy machine in black and white because I did not want to use color ink.
You will also find a blank version in the packet if you would rather have the students draw the pictures.
I also included smaller versions of the pictures that are perfect for using in a writing station.
I am currently working on other packets for different types of writing. {Descriptive, Informative, Opinion, etc.}
You can check out the packet by heading to my Teachers Pay Teachers store.


Veronica said...

This looks cute. I will be putting one on my wishlist. Or, if I have no patience. ..typical...I will just buy it already. Lol.

Aylin Claahsen said...

I love this- what a great way to get students thinking and writing!
Learning to the Core

Cecilia said...

Looks great! Right now we ate working on animal reports and this would be fun to do after we finish.

Cecilia said...

Looks great! Right now we ate working on animal reports and this would be fun to do after we finish.

Miss Lisa said...

Yes, please! Great for the new non-fiction requirements!

Courtney B said...

Kids are so observant aren't they? They notice things that I completely didn't see. We do a picture a day to start our carpet time and they amaze me with their insights. This looks amazing Jodi! Did you get your pictures on GraphicStock?

M. Gabriel said...
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Literacy Teacher said...

Love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

Tanya said...

This is BRILLIANT Jodi! I'm so excited! I am just starting some Writing Centers this week and this packet will be one I will have them do with ME! So excited! :0)

Shelly Sitz said...

What a super idea to use photographs to get students writing! I will have to head on over to TPT.

Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

Woodstock Teacher said...

This looks wonderful. Of course, I went to TPT and purchased it right away. I am even more excited about the other packets you will be developing, especially informative. :)

Christa Swaney said...

These are amazing! I went and purchased the Narrative ones first because we have been focusing on that! My kids are really becoming good writers! They will love the picture prompts? Where or how did you do the photos? Such an amazing and fun things for the kids! Thanks so much!


Jodi said...

@Courtney and Christa...I purchased the photos from Shuttershock.

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